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Southfield Radiology Associates & The History of Radiology at Providence
     In 1912, Providence Hospital, located on West Grand Boulevard and 14th Avenue in Detroit, installed a radiology department in the basement of their facility. At that time there was no full-time radiologist. It has been told that an assistant in ophthalmology who had an interest in radiology developed the glass plates, read the studies and ending up being the “radiologist”. Apparently this was self-determined specialization. In 1934, Providence hired their first full-time radiologist, Dr. William Irwin. Dr. Irwin had done his training in Canada. He remained at Providence Hospital for many years and relocated to Southfield, MI, when the hospital moved from the city. In the late 1960’s, Dr. Irwin, along with Drs. James and Gigliotti, formed a group called Irwin, Gigliotti, and James. In 1967, this group of radiologists became Southfield Radiology Associates, P.C. (SRA).

Providence trained several radiology residents over the years and the residency program became accredited in 1977.  During the early to mid- 1970’s, SRA urged Providence Hospital to obtain a CT machine. At the time, there was only one other machine in the city at Henry Ford Hospital. Because of the high cost, the hospital declined, and Southfield Radiology purchased the equipment for their private office becoming only the second private practice in the entire United States to have been approved for a CT machine. In what may have simultaneously been the greatest philanthropic and worst private business decision ever, SRA donated the CT machine and CON to the hospital where it moved in 1980.

Southfield Radiology (SRA) continues on as the affiliated radiology group at Providence Hospital in Southfield and Providence Park Hospital in Novi. SRA also provides imaging interpretations and staffing for Garden City Hospital and The Envision Medical Group.
Dr. Irwin supervising an early imaging exam.
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